Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse – Get Out of My Head and Out of My Bed!

Emotional abuse is a destructive and manipulative way to dominate and hurt from within a relationship. When people talk of domestic abuse, they often think of the terrible violent acts, but emotional abuse is a powerful weapon too. Although both men and women suffer from emotional abuse, the majority of victims are women and this book focuses on how women can untangle themselves from their emotional ties and regain their self-esteem and reach their full potential in life.

Many women who suffer from emotional abuse become introverted, they lose their confidence and their sense of identity, some remain within their destructive relationships, other find the strength to get out. Victims of emotional abuse are vulnerable going forward, if they don’t understand what has happened and why, and, how to stop it from happening again, it becomes a cycle of destructive behaviour.

Emotional Abuse – Get Out of My Head and Out of My Bed tells of the addictive and powerful pull of even the most abusive mental cruelty and relates some of the author’s very personal experiences but the general information within is backed up by years of meticulous research. Women must speak up, break the barriers of silence and reach out for help.

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